Innovative E-Learning for SHS Accounting Students & Finance Professionals

  • Pass your Senior High School (SHS) Accounting examinations with structured and syllabus aligned course materials
  • Gain practical accounts preparation skills from an industry perspective and set Yourself Apart  
  • Develop management accounting skills in cashflow forecasting, budget preparation and monitoring
  • Learn to use industry software such as Sage, Xero and Quickbooks in accounts preparation 

What we Offer

  • Well designed, structured and interactive step by step online courses 
  • Full access to lecture videos and lecture notes 
  • Simulated lecturing environment providing you with a classroom like experience 
  • Help line support for students 

SHS Accounting

A well structured, simplified and exams focussed e-learning course for SHS 1, 2 and 3 accounting students. Our lectures which are aligned with examination syllabus are delivered using power point presentations and simulated videos in a classroom like environment, thereby providing each student with a solid understanding of every topic. To boost the CONFIDENCE of each student, we have selected past examination question from different sources for students to practice with.


Practical Financial and Management Accounting

This is course is designed for finance professionals such as ACCA, CIMA  and CA as well as accounting students in tertiary institutions who would like to gain an in-depth and hands on practical accounting experience. Participants will learn how to design and set up organisational chart of accounts, effective and timely month and year end closure activities, accruals and prepayments, inventory accounting, intercompany accounting and recharges, fixed assets accounting, budget preparation, monitoring and reporting to budget holders, final accounts preparation and balance sheet reconciliation.

Practical Payroll and Book Keeping

This course is designed for anyone who wants to gain practical payroll experience. Participants will learn how to deal with PAYE, pensions, holidays and other statutory requirements. For those interested in book keeping, the training programme provides you with the relevant practical skills you need to maintain proper book-keeping records.  

Software Training Using Sage, Xero and Quick Books

This training package is for accountants and students pursuing accounting in at tertiary institutions who wants to learn how to use accounting software packages in the preparation of accounts. This course provides a practical and industry based approach in using these packages. 







Our Delivery Promise

Our goal is to provide every Senior High School (SHS) accounting student in Ghana with the best, syllabus aligned e-learning course at an affordable price to enable them successfully pass their final examinations. 

For finance professionals such as ACCA & CIMA affiliate, qualified accountants, university and HND graduates, our unique practical training bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. You will gain practical hands on experience in accounts preparation. In addition, if you enrol on one of our software training courses, you will learn how to prepare accounts and run reports using packages such as SAGE, XERO AND QUICK BOOKS. 

                                                                            Learn, Pass and Grow your Career with STG Financial Training.

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